Against the social exclusion provoked by the over-indebtedness and in favor of financial education.

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Fundación NAGEL is a non-profit organization with limited resources whose purpose is to help and support, promoting basic financial and economic education, to people and groups at risk of social exclusion derived from their over-indebtedness, paying special attention to single-parent families. We live in a society where irresponsible consumption has become the order of the day, which is why many families live as prisoners of their own debts.

Through our teaching modules we seek to sensitize children and adults for responsible consumption and proper money management.

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Thirteen prestigious Mercantile Magistrates of Spain participate in this work. A practical and essential tool to know the operation of the Contest of Creditors as a mechanism to rescue SMEs and persons in situations of insolvency.

Now available in specialized bookstores and kiosks

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Presentations of "VISION CONCURSAL"

The presentations in cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Santander and Valencia have generated great interest from the general public as well as from various information media. Raphael Nagel, president of Fundación Nagel, said that “we should not stigmatize the bankruptcy to get out of debt, it is a very useful tool and should be disclosed”

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“Visión Concursal”

Fundación Nagel sponsors the launching of this new work, whose objective is to make known in a clear and simple way, the operation of the Contest of Creditors as a mechanism to rescue SMEs and persons in insolvency situation and to make informative a tool that can be essential for people with difficulties in dealing with their debts. The book has the participation of thirteen prestigious Mercantile Magistrates, who rightly explain and share their knowledge about this judicial procedure regulated by bankruptcy law.

How Fundación Nagel can help you?

The testimonial of Sidonie de Laparre, Law of 2nd Opportunity.

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people who attend financial education trainings

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people own 50% of the world heritage

millions of people suffer from malnutrition


world population lives with $USD 2,5 per day


global child population is in a situation of POVERTY


  • To help, to support and to promote, both in tangible and intangible way, to people and groups at risk of social exclusion derived from their over-direct and indirect indebtedness.
  • With special attention to single-parent families and minors.
  • To promote the financial and economic education of teenagers and adults through the framework of seminars and conferences.
  • Use teaching methods based on practical experiences, as well as on theoretical knowledge.


  • Through the corresponding professionals, provide advice, assist in the search for new homes, provide means for the acquisition of school materials and studies.
  • Legal support
  • Conducting training courses.
  • Organization of Congresses.
  • Scope of action: national territory.

“My economic situacion was untenable and it did distabled many areas in my life…”

Pedro Vega

“I met Foundation Nagel and I am very happy because my bank told me that there was no Law of 2nd Opportunity…”

Sara Marquez Moreno

“I want to express my sincere gratitude, with words that come from my heart, with the Fundación Nagel… God Bless you”.

Juan M. Martínez

“Thanks to the advice received from the professionals who collaborate in Fundación Nagel, I have been able to start over”.

Olga Castillo


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